American Pride Medicine Cabinets - Spec Sheets
 Our model numbers on the inside of the cabinet include a pack code.(1,4,48,35,42,etc)  if you remove the pack code you will find the page or spec you are looking for   Eg:  9622WBBR12  is  1 is the pack code and 2 is the thickness of the mirror code(.125)
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Webpage Spec Webpage Spec Webpage Spec Webpage Spec
1000M36 DISCONTINUED Spec 96221CR1 or S1 Spec G9912RPR1 Spec 35607BNAP Spec
10036WB DISCONTINUED Spec 96221DR1 or S1 Spec G9912RPS1 Spec 35607SSAP Spec
701L Spec 9622VG Series Disconti Spec G9914R1CL DIscontinued Spec CH16 Spec
720R Spec 9622VGA Series Disconti Spec G9914S1CL Discontinued Spec M24 Spec
720S Spec 9622VGC Series Disconti Spec G9926WBR1 Spec M30 Spec
9400R1/4 /54/APR1/APR4 Spec 9622WBR12 or S12 Spec G9926WBS1 Spec         M36       Spec
9404R1 DISCONTINUED Spec 9622WBAR12 or S12 Spec G9931WBR Spec           M48          Spec
9406WR1 DISCONTINUED Spec 9622WBBR12 or S12 Spec G9931WBS Spec           MB36CVBB    Spec
9406WHR1(Discontinued) Spec 9622WBCR12 or S12 Spec K16 Spec   K24   Spec
940M20R1 Spec 9622WBDR12 or S12 Spec MRA1526 Spec    K30      Spec 
940M22R1 Spec 9622WBOR or S Spec M551 Spec   W24 Spec
9412RPR Spec 9624WBR1 or S1 Spec MBA3026 Discontinued Spec  W30 Spec
9420WBR1 Spec 9626WB1AR1 or S1 Spec MC10WW Spec TM50 Spec
9422R1  or 9422R4 Spec 9629WB DISCONTINUED Spec MC11CH   TM60 Spec
9422WBR1 or 9422WBR4 Spec 9700R or S Discontinued Spec MMV1032 Spec TM66 Spec
950020SO Spec 9702 Series Discontinued Spec MRS2430 Spec CH24 Spec
950036SO DISCONTINUED Spec 9704 Series Discontinued Spec MVA2030 DISCONTINUED Spec CH30 Spec
9502PEW Spec 9708R*** or S*** Spec PMV2532 Spec X311 Spec
9502VEN Spec 9717 DISCONTINUED Spec S52430SS Spec 105 Spec
9504PEW or VEN Spec 97VM131BOR or S Spec SL1600R DISCONTINUED Spec M115 Spec
9508PEW, VEN or W Spec 97VM131POR or S Spec SL9600R1 Spec MP109 Spec
9510W Spec 9800R or S Discontinued Spec SL9600R1BN Discontinued Spec
9514 98001A Series Discontinued Spec SL9600S1 Spec
9517 DISCONTINUED Spec 980M36R or S Spec SL9600S1BN Discontinued Spec
951729BAHS DISCONTINUED Spec 980M361AR or S Spec SL9606WR1 Spec
952131BOHS Spec 9836ARDRUR or S Spec SL9606WS1 Discontinued Spec
952131POHS Spec 9836WBR or S Spec SL9900R1 Spec
952228B8HS Spec 9836WB1AR or S Spec SL9900R1BN Discontinued Spec
952238BOHS Spec 9900R1 or S1 Spec SL9900S1 Spec
952238POHS Spec 99001AR1 or S1 Spec SL9900S1BN Discontinued Spec
952432101 DISCONTINUED Spec 990M26R1 or S1 Spec SL9926WBR1 Spec If you need assistance
952436B8HS Spec 990M261AR1 or S1 Spec SM1600R DISCONTINUED Spec Call us at
952437BOHS Spec 9910R1W or S1W Spec SM160M36R Spec 828-697-8847
952437POHS Spec 99101AR1W or S1W Spec SM1636WBR Spec Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
952636WB DISCONTINUED Spec 9912RP1AR1 or S1 Spec SM9600R1 Spec Or Email Us
952840WB Spec 9914 Series Discontinued Spec SM9604R1 Spec
952935 DISCONTINUED Spec 99141A Series Discontinued Spec SM9606WHR1 Discontinued  
9530 Spec 9926WBR1 or S1 Spec SM9606WR1 Spec
9532 Spec 9926WB1AR1 or S1 Spec SM960M22R1 Spec
953626WB DISCONTINUED Spec 9930WB1AR1 Spec SM9610R1W Spec
954129WB Spec 9931WBR1 or S1 Spec SM9612RPR1 Spec
9574PEW DISCONTINUED Spec 9931WBAR1 or S1 Spec SM9614R1CL
9600R1 or S1 Spec BMV2532 Spec SM9622R1 Spec
96001AR1 or S1 Spec PMV2532 Spec SM9622VGR1 Discontin Spec
96001AR1BN Spec G1600R DISCONTINUED Spec SM9622WBOR Disconti Spec
96001BR1 or S1 Spec G160M36R Spec SM9622WBR1 Spec
96001BR1BN Spec G1636WBR Spec SM9624WBR1 Spec
96001CR1 or S1 Spec G2430A DISCONTINUED Spec SM9626WBR1 Spec
96001DR1BN Spec G2430WBAR or S Spec SM9629WBR DISCONTINUED  
G9600R1 Spec SM9900R1 Spec  
9601R1W pr S1W Spec G9600R1BN Discontinued Spec SM9900R1BN Discontinued Spec If you need assistance
9604R1 or S1 Spec G9600S1 Spec SM990M26R Spec Call us at
96041AR1 or S1 Spec G9600S1BN Discontinued Spec SM9910R1W Spec 828-697-8847
96041BR1 or S1 Spec G9604R1 Spec SM9912RPR1 Spec Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
9606DDR1 or S1 Spec G9604S1 Spec SM9914R1CL Spec Or Email Us
9606WR1 or S1 Spec G9606WHR1 Discontinued SM9926WBR1 Spec
9606W1AR1 or S1 Spec G9606WHS1 Discontinued SM9931WBR1 Spec
9606W1BR1 or S1 Spec G9606WR1 Spec ST1600RBN DISCONTINUED Spec
9606W1CR1 or S1 Spec G9606WS1 Spec ST160M36R Spec
9606WHR1 or S1 Discontinued Spec G960M22R1 Spec ST1636WBR Spec
9606WH1AR1/S1 Discontinued Spec G960M22S1 Spec ST9600R1 Spec
9606WH1BR1/S1 Discontinued Spec G9610R1W Spec ST9600R1BN Discontinued Spec
9606WH1CR1/S1 Discontinued Spec G9610S1W Spec ST9604R1 Spec
9606WH1D/S1 Discontinued Spec G9612RPR1 Spec ST9606WHR1 Discontinued
960M201AR1 or S1 Spec G9612RPS1 Spec ST9606WR1 Spec
960M22R1 or S1 Spec G9614R1CL ST960M22R1 Spec
960M221AR1 or S1 Spec G9614S1CL ST9610R1W Spec
960M221BR1 or S1 Spec G9622R1 Spec ST9612RPR1 Spec
960M221CR1 or S1 Spec G9622S1 Spec ST9614R1CL
960M221DR1 or S1 Spec G9622VGR1 Discontinued Spec ST9622R1 Spec
9610R1W or S1 Spec G9622VGS1 Discontinued Spec ST9622VGR1 Discontin Spec
96101AR1W or S1 Spec G9622WBOR1 Discontinu Spec ST9622WBR1 Spec
96101BR1W or S1 Spec G9622WBR1 Spec ST9622WBOR Discontin Spec
96101CR1W or S1 Spec G9622WBS1 Spec ST9624WBR1 Spec
9610X Discontinued Spec G9624WBR1 Spec ST9626WBR1 Spec If you need assistance
9610XB Discontinued Spec G9624WBS1 Spec ST9900R1 Spec Call us at
9610XC Discontinued Spec G9626WBR1 Spec ST9900R1BN Discontinued Spec 828-697-8847
9612RPR1 or S1 Spec G9626WBS1 Spec ST9904R1 DISCONTINUED Spec Monday - Friday 8am-5pm
9612RP1AR1 or S1 Spec G9629WBR DISCONTINUE Spec ST990M26R1 Spec Or Email Us
9612RP1BR1 or S1 Spec G9629WBS Spec ST9910R1W Spec  
9614R1CL or S1 Spec G9900R1 Spec ST9912RPR1 Spec
96141AR1CL or S1 Spec G9900R1BN Discontinued Spec ST9926WBR1 Spec
96141BR1CL or S1 Spec G9900S1 Spec T60M221A Discontinued Spec
96141CR1CL or S1 Spec G9900S1BN Discontinued Spec T622WBAR12 Discontinued Spec
96141DR1CL or S1 Spec G990M26R1 Spec TMB24 Spec
9622R1 or S1 Spec G990M26S1 Spec TMB30 Spec
96221AR1 or S1 Spec G9910R1W Spec TMB36 Spec
96221BR1 or S1 Spec G9910S1W Spec SL9622S1 Spec